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Waring Abbott, a renowned entertainment and music industry photographer, took color Polaroid test shots before finalizing his camera work. His previous subjects include Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Kiss, whose career he documented for a period of eight years. The shoot was arranged in Fall, '84 by Polygram records, to produce fresh publicity photos and took place in Waring's studio at 000 Street and 00 Ave. in New York City. Several hours into the shoot, he suggested the band just relax in front of the camera without posing. These candid images weren't used at the time, but the resulting contact sheet images have been combined to create the little black and white band animation you can see on this page.
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(left) Test Polaroids made during a publicity photo shoot. (below) Comateens in motion, snapped on the set.


Waring Abbott
Chuck Baran
Axel Baumbach
Laurent Bolognini

Kevin Cummins
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