Welcome to the Comateens’ new Website. Our old site was a wiz-bang flash site, with an interactive elements, animations and sound effects, it might have been a little anoying, but it was fun and informative. The original site was first put live in 2004, but that was at the end of the Jurassic-web period.

They say no one visits Websites anymore, but we needed a place to put all this stuff anyway, and Flash built Websites are a non-existent on tablets and phones so here is our new responsive site that you can enjoy on that tiny little screen in your hands or one of those massive “computers” that hogs your desktop.

We want to thank Krel Studios for the original site and this new Website and their efforts to push the Comateens into the twenty-first century.

We will keep a link to the old fan-favorite Flash Timeline, so visitors can be properly amused and annoyed.


All materials Copyright © 2019 Comateens, all rights reserved, except where otherwise indicated. No material may be reused without express permission.

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