Irving Plaza
The band’s first ever gig, in the lobby of Irving Plaza, 1978. They were booked to entertain patrons as they entered the venue for the “Rock ‘N Roll Vaudeville Show”.

Lyn’s thrilling job at this time was to change the beat at the start of each song by pushing the buttons on a primitive rhythm box called Mini-pops. Ramona designed and sewed the white satin and red felt banner on the back wall.


Max’s Kansas City
Lyn and Nic now wish they had taken more shots of their performances. This is one of the only known photos of the band playing at Max’s Kansas City. Hard to say who’s on the drum kit, perhaps HARRY VIRDERCI, formerly of Ludacer.


The Ritz
Three extremely iconic photos of OLIVER, NIC & LYN, from a series taken by fan and future collaborator FABRICE FRERE during a concert at the Ritz in NYC.


NIC NORTH on Fender bass at unidentified performance.

Unidentified Show, France
Two images by photographer LAURENT BOLOGNINI, a beautiful shot of LYN BYRD on synthesizer and another of NIC & OLIVER NORTH at unidentified show in France, 1981. (View more of Bolognini’s work in the Gallery section.)


Nic and Lyn backstage.


Rose Bon Bon
Paris audience as photographed by Oliver from the stage, Rose Bon Bon club.


Le Pied
On stage, Le Pied, Bagnol Sur Cigne, France.


Grand Odeon
On stage, playing Pictures On A String at the Grand Odeon in Montpellier, France.


Ed Sullivan Theater
On stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater at west 52nd street and Broadway in NYC, taping taping “Live Wire” for Nickelodeon TV. The theater is now known as the home of “Late Show with David Letterman.”


Peppermint Lounge
The Comateens featured on the marquee at the Peppermint Lounge, NYC.


LYN, NIC and OLIVER at unidentified show, possibly in the NY area.

Club L’Espace
December 1984 Photo of LYN BYRD performing at the Comateens’ Club L’Espace concert in Paris, shot by a French fan.


Exo 7
Comateens performing with guest vocalist ETIENNE DAHO and the brilliant drummer CHUCK SABO at Exo 7 in Rouen, France.


Taping a television show in Paris, France to promote the West & Byrd release.


Mudd Club Reunion 
On the stage at the Delancy Lounge for the Mudd Club 30-year reunion.


Paris Philharmonie 
On stage with ETIENNE DAHO during rehearsal, and for an encore performance of his remix of Get Off My Case, in the grand salon.