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“…But for me, it’s Lyn Byrd who steals the show with just two numbers, Cool Chick and Rhythm Of The Body. Her voice—very low, very sexy, smooth rather than sultry—is instantly riveting…Enter disco-rock drums, jittery rhythm guitar, droning vocals and a probing, persistent synthesizer that coats everything over with mysterious, tense tones. it’s all very weird, but it works beautifully.”
—Sharon Presley


Filet de Forty-Five: Comateens, Cool Chick/Danger Zone

“A rumble, a rhythm machine, a slinky bass, a sultry voice. A love song in the traditional sense…a vibrant, fresh-sounding rocker. A terrific debut that will charm even the most cynical listener. More, more, more!”
—Raiph Buonagura


Comateens Get Cute

“…A funked up dance number, ‘Get Off My Case’ was picked up by WKTU deejay Carlos DeJesus who started playing it heavily. WBLS followed suit and Comateens had a dance club hit.”
—Richard Fantina

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