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Pick Hits

“…the trio’s new single, ‘Get Off My Case’, is the freshest evocation of techno-funk heard in these parts in a long while. Lots of current synthesized dance music is danceable. Some of it even gets down. But almost none of it is as goddamn celebratory as this. Like many soul hits of the past, ‘Case’ has all sorts of indistinguishable party funk around the edges, from the synthesized reggae beat of ‘Ice Machine’ to the Lennon-esque mannerisms on ‘Cold Eyes’. Out of nowhere, Comateens have emerged as pop craftsmen of a high and commercially potent order…more and more this album tells me to get off Comateens case — and my ass — as well. ”
—J. S.


The Comateens State Their Case. An interview with the band.

—Hedi Mae Bratt