Melody Maker


“The Comateens didn’t play their current instruments until the afternoon, some months ago, when they decided to form this unit. So Nick’s bass is unambitious, Ramona (guitar) and Lyn (synth) find even rudimentary parts testing. Still, they manage to groove — enough to be our most interesting dance band since the B-52’s and Contortions…As an effort in downtown DIY, they’re a tonic…They haven’t developed the hardness of arrangement or image that constituted their predecessors’ greatest assets, but may in their place have something more important; the ability to make contact with their audience, unpretentiously, in the way that Talking Heads have. On the evidence of their show at Hurrah last week, the Comateens are still half a dozen songs away from real contendership. Give them another six months and then screw your wigs on.”
—Davitt Sigerson