On Tour

NIC at a record signing in a Paris record store for the release of the Comateens first album 1981.


LYN BYRD outside one of the tour venues, France 1981.

OLIVER NORTH and LYN BYRD backstage in Wisconsin 1981.


OLIVER in Rouen, France 1981.


LYN outside at the van after a show, Montpelier, France 1981.


OLIVER, LYN and the ‘Teens touring van, somewhere in France, 1981.


In the van, on the road: (left to right) LYN, LOUIS PRIMO, manager FABRICE NATAF, NIC, road manager NICOLE SALLER asleep. France 1981.


In the van, on the road: (left to right) road manager NICOLE SALLER, LYN, NIC, OLIVER, somewhere in France, 1981.


In the van, on the road: OLIVER and LYN on the way to Lyons, France, 1981.


A break for a picnic lunch on the road somewhere in France: LYN, manager FABRICE NATAF, road manager NICOLE SALLER, roadie LOUIS PRIMO, OLIVER, driver CHARLES KLANIT, 1981.


Roadie LOUIS PRIMO and LYN getting ready to hit the road early in the morning somewhere in France, 1981.


OLIVER tunes up in dressing room, France 1981.


OLIVER rests for a moment, somewhere in France, 1981.


OLIVER on the balcony of a friends apartment in Paris 1981.


The Grand Odeon Theatre, Montpellier, France, 1981, the scene of many fine Comateens shows.


LYN gets ready for stage in the dressing room of the Grand Odeon Theatre, Montpellier, France 1981.


OLIVER in a cafe, Paris, 1982.


Manager PETER LEAK, OLIVER and sound engineer BRENDAN McCABE loading up the van, Detroit 1982.

The band members would form a “fire brigade” line to shuttle equipment into the van, on this day someone blinked, and one of the amps was quickly stolen.


OLIVER outside the club Clutch Cargo, where the band is to play, Detroit 1982.


LYN waits in the hotel room, Washington DC 1982.


Comateens sound engineer, the incomparable BRENDAN McCABE, relaxes at the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington DC 1982.


OLIVER chats with OMD lead singer ANDY McCLUSKEY, Philadelphia 1982.


Comateens backstage with Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD), in Trenton, NJ 1982 (front row left to right) MARTIN COOPER, PAUL HUMPHREYS, NIC, OLIVER. (back row left to right) LYN, ANDY MCCLUSKEY, Comateens’ manager PETER LEAK and MALCOLM HOLMES.


Comateens roadie and insider GREG GREENBERG and OLIVER in the dressing room of the Peppermint Lounge, New York 1982.


LYN getting in the van on a chilly Lewiston, Maine morning 1983.


LYN and drummer BEN MARGOLIES, Providence, Rhode Island 1983.


Drummer BEN MARGOLIES, Lewiston, Maine 1983.


LYN in creepy hotel hallway in Providence, Rhode Island 1983.


Drummer BEN MARGOLIES, manager PETER LEAK, LYN and her sister ALICE, Switzerland 1983.


Comateens on tour, at the Swiss border in 1983, came across this vintage car with a poster of unknown origin, promoting an upcoming Comateens performance taped to the window.


LYN outside the hotel in Aix En Provence, France 1983.

On the marquee of the iconic Perppermint Lounge club, New York City, 1984.

On the marquee of the Michagan Theater, Ann Arbor, Michigan, during a US tour, 1984.

OLIVER steps outside the Winnebago and points the way, on the Comateens Western US tour, Arizona 1984.

When the ‘Teens first stopped in the middle of the desert, they saw tumbleweeds blowing by, they were excited, they had only seen them on TV in old West movies. The boys decided to grab one and put it in the van as a souvenir, but later LYN pointed out that it was just trash and weeds, so they got rid of it.


OLIVER and LYN in the vast California desert, 1984. When the band first stopped the Winnebago and got out. LYN, a native Manhattanite, was used to the canyons of skyscrapers and got dizzy from all the open space and endless horizon.


NIC in Los Angeles for the band’s Western most gigs, 1984. When the band first drove into LA, a gang of drag-queens egged their Winnebago; they knew they were in the right place.


LYN takes some time before sound check, to check out Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco 1984.


LYN with drummer CHUCK SABO in front of a poster wall, 1984.

Somewhere in southern France. The grey suede kitten boots that Lyn Byrd has on in this photo were stolen shortly after this picture was taken.


Good friends, Paris 1990. Lyn Byrd chats at an outdoor cafe with French band Bill Baxter before doing a TV show. LUIS PRIMO (left in grey suit), JOE COOL (center), BO GESTE (right, waving). At one point The ‘Baxters and Comateens were both managed by FABRICE NATAF resulting in a lot of great times together, both working and making each other laugh ’til they ached.

In The Studio
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