Comateens Do The Cool Jerk…

“…The band wants a real danceable groove and fills in the grooves with tunes that have a funky backbone (a lot of James Brown and Chic influences), some interesting and catchy melodies and simple but well placed counter-melodies from the synthesizer of Lyn Byrd. All members sing and their harmonies capture both innocence and a New York street cool with graceful assurance. Bassist Nic North’s training in musical arrangement helps sculpt the song arrangements into flowering progressions that change ever so slightly but at the perfect times—a key change here, a percussion bridge there. Themes of nightmares, ghosts, the wonderful coolness of being out at night in the big city mesh with the very memorable songs…catch them live the next time through these parts. they’ll show you just how cool dancing can really be!”

—Mark Shurilla

East Village Eye
Metropolitan Report