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A Tale of Two Indies

“2×5 is a coherent album bursting at the seams with some of the best examples of post-Parallel Lines pop around. With nary a turkey on the platter, and with a couple of real gems — notably the Fleshtones’ ‘Shadowline’, the Comateens’ ‘Late Night City’, and Student Teachers’ “Looks”—Thau has assembled a mighty collection of teenage pop, the likes of which have seldom been seen since the heyday of Phil Spector, or at least since the bubblegum scene of the late ’60’s which Thau, as national promo man for Buddha Records, was part of…He (Destri) produced the album with much of the aural richness exhibited on the last two albums by Blondie. the result has all of the bands sounding exuberant, smart and technically accomplished… The Comateens cut, ‘Late Night City’, finishes the album in the style that begins it. This is a great teenage honesty, a cool keyboard sound and hooks galore…As a collection of cuts by New York bands, 2×5 is totally successful, and so fresh that it might have been called Yes New York. This album could appeal to anyone who bought Eat to the Beat, or either Cars album, or for that matter, anyone who cares about American pop, specifically the New York keyboard sound.
—John Buckley

Trouser Press