Etienne Daho releases a 12″ EP compiled from several side projects recorded in 1996 at Olympic Studios in London, during the sessions for Daho’s Eden album. Nicholas and Lyn were invited by Daho to the studio to participate on various tracks. NICHOLAS WEST had written two of the songs on Eden; Me Manquer and Soudain, co-written with LYN BYRD. French lyric adaptations for both songs are by ETIENNE DAHO and performed with Comateens.

The trio record a cover of the classic folk rock song, Sally Go Round The Roses, with Nicholas on bass guitar, and Lyn singing backing vocals on another of West’s compositions, Sleep. In addition, Etienne had an idea for a club-remix of Comateens hit Get Off My Case to be produced by FABIAN WALTMAN.

I Can’t Tear Myself Away: 2006 Performance Source Video

This video of Lyn Byrd performing I Can’t Tear Myself Away from the 1998 West & Byrd album was shot in 2006 by Altemus, part of a project that Lyn & Altemus never completed.

The raw video had been rough edited, had color modification and effects applied and a small test was output at 15fps and at only 320 x 240 pixels. Immediately after this, the hard drive containing all the raw video and master files crashed and became unrecoverable as well as the backup hard drive, as a result it has never been completed.

Currently this version has been increased to 1920 x 1080 pixels, has had timing and syncing issues corrected and additional filters applied to smooth out compression artifacts. The goal is to combine it with additional footage and make a complete music video.